Northeast Normativity Workshop

The Northeast Normativity Workshop (NEN) is a annual workshop taking place on a rotating basis at different universities along the Northeast Corridor. The workshop aims to bring together the large, diverse group of philosophers working on issues related to normativity in the Northeast (and beyond).

For the fifth annual workshop in 2024, we started the NEN Paper Prize, a community-funded, community-run, prize for the best paper submitted in response to the annual call for abstracts.

We’ve been privileged to have talks (and engaged attendance) from many excellent philosophers working a range of normative issues. Previous workshops have included talks on reasons, ignorance, enkrasia, consent,  love, error theory, envy, the difficulty of ethics, bias, encroachment, deontic concepts, and many more.

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AI & Humanity Lab Workshops

I also regularly organize workshops on AI-related themes at the AI & Humanity Lab at Hong Kong University. In 2024 I organized a workshop on the issue of benchmarking, and in 2025 I will be organizing a workshop on model alignment and governance (details soon).

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I’m a philosopher based in Hong Kong. This is where I organize my academic and non-academic activities.


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