… this site

This is the website I use to coordinate my activities.

… me

I’m a philosopher based in Hong Kong. I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong. I am also a Philosophy Fellow at the Center for AI Safety.

Previously, I was an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at The College of New Jersey. Before that, I was the Sutton Faculty Fellow at Syracuse University, and before that I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University. I received my Ph.D. from UNC Chapel Hill, under the supervision of Geoffrey Sayre-McCord and Simon Blackburn.

… my work

I research and teach on a range of issues in value theory. See my research page for more details on my current projects.

Together with Dan Fogal, I co-organize the annual Northeast Normativity Workshop. I also regularly organize workshops on AI-related themes at the AI & Humanity Lab in Hong Kong.

In addition to my undergraduate teaching, I regularly teach in HKU’s MA program in AI, Ethics, and Society.

about me

I’m a philosopher based in Hong Kong. This is where I organize my academic and non-academic activities.


email: natesharadin@gmail.com or sharadin@hku.hk

office: 10.06 Run Run Shaw Tower, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

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